Scraps' Log: By Pelor's sparkly arse!

We were finishing up butchering the scorpion monster corpse when the entrance began closing. I ran for the door, but it closed just before I got there. A moment later the room suddenly went dark. I started feeling the walls, looking for a way out when my hand touched flesh. I drew my hand back, and realized that the wall didn’t end, it just stopped being stone and became flesh!

Rakust gathered us all around and created a wall of flame, circling us protectively. We could see a little in the magic light of the flames, and the wall was turning into a grotesque mass of body parts, like eyes, mouths, arms, and skin. Even the floor and ceiling were changing, though the wall of fire seemed to stop the floor directly under us from changing. We heard a god-like voice call out that if we wanted the rune here we’d have to go through it.

We started attacking the walls with ranged weapons and spells, but it didn’t do much good. Suddenly we realized that the wall was storing up our energies and was about to throw them back at us! We all managed to duck out of the way, and the blast went past us and opened a hole in the wall behind us, opposite to where the door used to be. Billy summoned a flying disk and took a couple trips with it to take us all out of the flesh room.

We found ourselves at the bottom of giant-sized stairs, looking up at the form of a giant. The giant at the top of the stairs didn’t seem to be moving. I got on Billy’s disk and we floated a little closer to see that it was a fire giant – apparently the one that had been helping us but got lost. It’s eyes had turned pure black. I shouted back to the rest of the party that it was Gragose!

The giant appeared to be fighting the transformation and losing. Billy and I attacked, but we only seemed to be helping it shed its giant skin and turn into something demonic. It laughed at us and said it was not Gragose, it was Gagose’s boss, Korva, ruler of the first of the Nine Hells! It said it was here to take our runes.

Korva smashed a hole in the wall next to it, but instead of the sky outside we saw a fiery inferno that I could only assume was the first Hell itself. Two cloud giants came up from behind Korva, and the demon easily disemboweled one with a flick of its tail, then tore it completely to pieces.

Billy called out that Korva was weak to sunlight and pulled out a scroll, causing the area to burst into bright light. Korva turned away, shielding it’s eyes, but then realized it was not actually hurt. As it turned back we were all holding hands, and Rakust said, “See ya!” as he Plane Shifted us out of the tower.

The next thing I knew, there was so much light that I was completely blinded. And I was falling! I was starting to panic when something caught me, and I realized that it was Sira! Somehow she had grown to about three hundred feet long, and had swooped to catch us all. We landed safely, and as we got off of her back she returned to a more normal size, but she had changed color slightly, and seemed to have amethyst clusters in place of scales every so often. Her tail had a high cluster of amethyst, like a mace.

Rakust told us that he had taken us to the realm of Pelor, since Pelor was a mortal enemy of Korva, and Rakust figured Korva couldn’t follow us here. The area around us was a pleasant meadow, and we could hear a brook a little ways off. We headed for the brook to set up camp. Aris began fishing (there were big golden fish in the river), and we discussed how we were going to get home. Rakust said he could Plane Shift us back to the Material Plane, but he couldn’t pick exactly where we’d end up. For example, he had been aiming to put us exactly smack in front of Pelor’s throne, but we were obviously nowhere in sight of his palace or mansion or whatever.

Now, I have a policy of noninterference with the gods. I stay out of their way and they stay out of mind. I never thought it was a good idea to draw the attention of any god in my line of work, but since we were sitting here on Pelor’s home turf there wasn’t much I could do when an adult golden dragon swooped down to us and asked us why we were here. Without thinking about it, I muttered, “Fear.” I guess the dragon may have interpreted that as I was scared of him (I wouldn’t say “scared”, more “wary”), so he morphed into the form of a well-built blonde human wearing golden armor with Pelor’s sunburst all over it and told us there was nothing to be afraid of here.

The servant of Pelor told us that they had been watching us for some time (creepy!) and that Korva had somehow sabotaged our armor. He magicked it off of us and showed us how it was made to stick spikes into our flesh at the wrong moment. He also mentioned that the final rune was in the ninth level of Hell. Great.

Five more metallic dragons appeared and prepared to take us to Pelor’s castle. Billy looked down at his dragon’s feet and started picking up gemstones! They had apparently fallen out from between the dragon’s scales. I was about to start looking around at the feet of my dragon when Billy’s dragon glared at him and asked for the gems back. The other dragons found this terribly funny. Billy gave the gems back.

At the castle we met Pelor himself. He appeared as big as a titan and sat down in a huge throne made of some metal I couldn’t identify. He spoke with us a bit, then summoned a table full of all sorts of different kinds of food. When we sat down at the table he walked over, shrank to our size, and sat at the table with us. It was extremely awkward, at least for me. I went from staying out I’d the gods’ way to supping with one. I kept wondering if he could see into my skull and if he was going to kick me out or send me to hell at any moment for the things I’ve done. I was starving, damnit! I couldn’t—

Well, never mind that. While we ate, the topic of Gragose’s sword came up. Pelor told us that it had not been destroyed after all. It had been given life somehow, and a desire to destroy everything. Pelor also told us that although he and the other gods were not allowed to interfere with us directly we had come to him, and he could help us while we were in his realm. Dragons in the form of humans came over and gave us each a package.

We all got new magic armor to replace what Korva had cursed. I got a set of leather armor (complete with boots) that was supposed to let me see hidden doors. (OOC: Leather armor +2, also grants DEX +2 and the ability to auto-detect secret doors) Alex got a set of armor that looked almost exactly like mine, plus a bow with a string that wasn’t there until he shot it. Billy got a purple and gold robe (OOC: same as his last robes but with +2 AC) and a staff with the sunburst of Pelor (OOC: staff of the summoner). Rakust got a set of plate with the insignia of Joramy on it. It wasn’t magic yet, but Pelor said he would help us Plane Shift home near someone who could bless the armor in the name of Joramy. Aris got armor that had apparently been worn by her father, then improved by Pelor’s workmen (OOC: armor of protection +5 ac). She also got a holy lance (OOC: holy lance +3 or +5 against evil), and Syra got barding (OOC: barding +2).

While we were unwrapping the presents, Rakust started talking about how superior Joramy was to Pelor. The rest of us tensed up and were ready for Rakust to get smited, but the god only laughed and tapped Rakust on the forehead, granting him some sort of minor blessing. Pelor said he appreciated Rakust’s honesty. (OOC: Rakust can memorize one extra spell of half his level, rounded up.)

Pelor had another couple of gifts as well. He gave Billy a golden pearl and told him that the pearl would give Billy the ability to “cast the power of the sun in my name five times.” I wasn’t sure what that meant. He also gave Rakust a scroll that Rakust read and learned right there. It taught him how to call down a firestorm or something. (OOC: The spell works like call lightning except it does fire damage instead of lightning, struck creatures get an additional 1d4 scorching damage per round for 1d6 rounds, and it doesn’t cause extra damage when cast in a stormy area. Rakust can cast it three times per week in addition to his normal spells.)

When we were done eating the dragons led us to our rooms. Each room seemed to be customized for us. Rakust’s room was very hot, my room had a buffet table with more food, and Billy’s room was a frickin’ library. I think the goblin stayed up all night reading. I didn’t see Alex’s or Aris and Sira’s rooms.

I was about to head to my room when Rakust pulled me aside and said we were exploring. He had his usual sparkling personality (not), but he only pulled me aside like that to go sightseeing. While we were walking he was asking my opinion on the artwork in a tone of voice that sounded like he was interrogating me. It was strangely touching, like he wanted to be friends but he’d only read about “friends” in a book and wasn’t quite getting the details right. I didn’t know whether to be flattered or traumatized.

Scraps' Log: What's the difference between a smart waiter and a dumbwaiter?

We were still on the first floor of the tower, having killed three storm giants. This floor of the tower was split into two huge rooms. One of them currently held three dead giants, and the other one had various humanoids with some sort of weird magical collars. They looked like they were servants. The collars weren’t physical – just thin lines of light. We decided not to mess with them in case the collars gave their masters the ability to see out of their eyes or something else like that.

The floors of the tower were connected by huge ramps circling the walls. We went up another floor and saw what looked like a dining room with a huge empty table. There was a prep table on one side of the room, just below what appeared to be a dumbwaiter. The dumbwaiter was so large that all six of us (including the dragon) could fit inside it easily and ride upstairs. We pondered over riding up in it, and even asked one of the fire giants to throw the lever to bring the dumbwaiter down to our floor, but then decided against it and went up another floor.

When we got up there we realized it had been a good idea to not ride the dumbwaiter. A giant was standing in what appeared to be a kitchen with a huge knife, ready to attack the dumbwaiter when it came back up. He hadn’t noticed us, so we hurried back downstairs, trapped the dumbwaiter, and put an illusion inside of it of Billy, taunting the giant. We asked one of the fire giants to wait downstairs and give us ten minutes (which is how long it took for us to get up these floors), then pull the lever. We hurried back upstairs in time to see the dumbwaiter arrive at the top, and Billy’s illusion started taunting the giant. The giant was not impressed, and didn’t look like he was going to attack, so I snuck into the room and shot a bullet into the trap to set it off. A fireball erupted in the giant’s face.

The giant had apparently been cooking with some sort of oil, because he caught on fire. I flung the elemental star dagger at it, and Alex followed up with an arrow shot to the same place, and the giant dropped dead before he even had a chance to realize we were behind him.

Unfortunately, two more giants came in at the commotion. One of them was wielding what looked like a tree, and the other one had some sort of purple glowing sword and bits of armor. The sword hit the stone wall at one point in the battle and sliced through the wall like it was butter. As the battle started, we realized that neither of our fire giant allies was around. One of them was probably still heading upstairs after he pulled the lever, but we had no idea where the other one went.

The battle didn’t look to be going well when all of a sudden the tree-wielding giant grew a sword blade out of the center of his chest, and we realized that one of the fire giants was back. As the fire giant pulled his blade out of the cloud giant’s back the other cloud giant swung his blade around and sliced clean through the fire giant’s neck. At first it didn’t look like anything had happened, then the fire giant’s head fell off of his shoulders, and he slumped over dead.

We killed the last cloud giant and took his strange super-sharp purple sword and his bits of armor. We also retrieved the magic cross-sword that we had given to the fire giant. Next to the kitchen was a pantry filled with huge containers of staples. We ducked in there to rest for the night. No one came to bother us.

In the morning Billy identified the cape part of the armor pieces as a cape of resistance, and Rakust put it on. It looked like all of these pieces came from a suit of plate armor, but it was not a complete set. We identified the metal of the armor as adamantine.

We went up a few more floors without finding a door. After about four floors this way we came upon a huge room that took up all four floors. The tower joined with the mountain behind it at this point, and there was actually a waterfall inside the room. There were seven giants and a ton of dwarves, working together to make armor. The dwarves were obviously unwilling servants. They had those light-line collars, and at one point a giant made a gesture and the collar decapitated a dwarf who had been lagging in his work.

Rakust looked like he was going to burst into the room and slaughter everything in it, but we held him back. He told us that these were his people – dwarves from his country who also worshiped Joramy. We told him that we’d find a way to free them, but nobody thought a direct attack on seven giants and tons of possibly-hostile dwarves would be a good idea. We hoped we’d find something further up that would let us dismiss the collars so the dwarves would be able to fight on our side.

The next floor up was all one room that was completely empty. Except it wasn’t. Billy squinted at it and told us that there was some sort of abomination chained to the far wall, hidden by an illusion. When Billy said it was an illusion everybody was able to see past it except me. Rakust said a prayer and told us it was completely evil. We were arguing what to do about it – I wanted to attack it from afar and kill it before anybody could release it and send it against us, others wanted to leave it alone – when everybody gasped and started casting spells and firing weapons into the room. They told me later that it had run to the end of its chains at us and begun attacking the chains, so our decision had been made for us.

Billy created a zone of burning heat in the room, and I started firing bullets somewhat blindly, aiming for wherever everyone else was, and suddenly I saw it! It was a huge beast shaped like a scorpion except instead of a stinger it had a horrible mouth on its tail. Its teeth and claws looked like they were made of diamonds. And there was a huge pile of platinum coins against the wall!

The beast shrieked something at Billy, and he passed out. We kept throwing bolts and arrows and bullets and spells at it from outside its reach, and was just about to break its bonds when Aris took her repeating crossbow and shot four bolts right into its thorax (or whatever… I don’t know bug body parts very well). It keeled over dead.

Billy confirmed that its teeth and claws were real diamonds, so we pulled those out and tucked them away. They were extremely sharp. We also collected the platinum. Twenty one hundred pieces! I’ve never seen so much platinum in my life!

Scraps' Log: Giant pains in the neck

We stayed a night in Bonro and signed up with a caravan heading to Patrof. A few days into the journey the map started indicating that a rune was nearby. We split with the caravan and headed into the woods to follow the map.

These were some really messed up woods. We found a buried sign that said in ancient Elvish, “Beware all who enter here, for this is Dire Forest.” The trees were huge, and seemed to know we were here. They moaned when Rakust burned a few twigs. The sticks burned bright red and for a long time, and we wondered if these trees were used to make everburning torches. We saw what looked like bear scratches very high up a tree, as if made by a really huge bear.

We walked for a little while, and saw this really gorgeous flower. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was absolutely perfect, and smelled like freshly baked cookies and nice raw steak and frosting… Yeah, I know normally something that smells like all of those things at the same time would probably be gross, but it wasn’t! I was admiring this generous gift of nature when Syra grabbed me and yanked me away from the flower. I cried out and started hitting her, then I saw Rakust, who had also been walking towards the flower, get hit by something tiny, then tendrils of the flower came up through the earth and grabbed him, starting to drag him towards it. The flower didn’t look as pretty after that. Sorry I doubted you, Syra.

Aris jumped into the middle of the flower to try to save Rakust, but it grabbed her, too, and started spraying them both with some sort of acid. Billy tried to help, but with his magic all wonky the best he didn’t want to risk hurting them, so he tried to whack at the plant with his staff. He ended up hitting Rakust right in the family jewels.

The part of Rakust’s face I could see through the mask turned bright red (I swear, even parts of the mask changed color) and he let out this bellow that would’ve rivaled Syra’s roar, then he burst into a vertical column of flame! It expanded out from where he was standing, encompassing him, the plant, Aris, Billy, and Syra. When it died away everybody was alive except the plant, which was just a mass of withered black tendrils, slowly retreating into the earth.

We rested for a day, and the next morning we heard noises of something large hunting. We realized it was a green dragon, and hid. It landed down next to us. It was absolutely huge! Later Aris told me that it was an ancient dragon, old and powerful. It was sniffing around, looking for us, when Aris stepped out and tried to talk to it. The dragon looked for a moment like it was listening to her, but then it drew in a breath and was about to breathe on her when two absolutely massive tigers showed up and began to fight the dragon. We all took the opportunity to run like scared bunnies, and it was a good thing, too, because as we scattered a second dragon showed up, even bigger and older-looking than the first. Aris told me that was was a great wyrm!

We eventually found each other and circled back to the dragon fight where we found a dire tiger corpse. We skinned it and cleaned it for meat.

More time walking, and we came across a giant walking towards a tower in the distance. According to the map, we could tell the rune was in that tower. We tried to talk to the giant, and he was polite at first, but cold. He told us the tower was called Grime Tower, and had been the home of his ancestors, but they were attacked long ago and only few of his people remained. He mentioned that there was treasure in the tower.

Apparently his people had once been members of the giant tribe in the desert. The giant king of the oasis had been overthrown by Aslor, a titan, and Aslor hated everyone and everything. He declared that this giant’s people were unowrthy, and cast them out. We offered to slay Aslor for him, and he said we could not possibly do such a thing. We asked to spend the night at the tower, and he told us we could not. At this point peace talks broke down and we attacked.

During the fight, Billy threw up this massive wall of ice, but it only slowed the giant down. It smashed a hole in the top of the wall and pounded Aris into the ground shortly before Rakust slew the giant. Aris’s wounds were too much, and she died. Syra turned to stone at the moment of Aris’s last breath.

Rakust told us he could bring her back from the dead if we could find a diamond large enough, and luckily there was one in the giant’s purse, along with some dinner plate-sized coins and a strange iron cross. The diamond was actually too large, so Rakust used spells and Billy used his training and together they were able to split off only what we needed from the diamond. We put away the rest of the diamond and the coins. In the morning Rakust made his prayer, crushed the diamond, and Aris began breathing again, all her wounds healed. Syra came back to life as well.

We continued towards the tower. It took us two days to get there. Outside of it we found two chained giants. They were a different kind than the one we had slain – he had been a cloud giant and these were fire giants. Rakust spoke to them in the language of flame, and they told him that the cloud giants ruled the tower. There were about five of them in the tower now, along with other giants that served them. None of the giants in the tower had any love for Aslor, the desert titan. They promised they would help us kill the cloud giants if we freed them.

I wasn’t a big fan of this plan, but I unlocked their chains (the lock was so big that I could actually walk inside it). We gave one of them the iron cross that we had found on the cloud giant, which turned out to be a magic fire sword, and we gave the other one a magic staff. While we got ready, the giants told us that dragons and giants didn’t get along, and the two green dragons from the forest had attacked this tower before. The giants gave Aris a magic repeating crossbow.

We broke into the tower and came across a cloud giant whipping two smaller giants. He didn’t seem to notice us, so we set some traps, then attacked. Billy summoned a huge demonic-looking centipede that killed the giant trainer. During the fight, one of our allied giants let off a fireball that killed the giants who had been getting the whipping.

While we were looting the corpse two more giants came by. We had found a star-shaped piece of iron on the corpse, similar to the magic cross-sword, and I threw it at one of the giants. The wound it made looked more like frostbite than like a cut. Alex hit it in the same place and it triggered my fireball trap.

During the battle, Billy accidentally created an anti-magic field. His crazy wand fell to the ground, finally able to be separated by him. While he was dealing with the wand, I sniped the last giant from hiding and dropped him.

Billy wrapped the wand in cloth and put it in one of the bags of holding. It seemed his powers were back to normal for now. No more lightning balls or giant scorpions, but no more accidentally peeing on the floor, either. I like Billy better when he knows what he’s going to cast.

Scraps Log: Where Gragose dies, again, and everyone has a goatee

Ohh, where was I? In all the commotion I forgot to write down what was happening. Let me see…

The famed lich appeared, threatened us a little, and summoned some skeletons to kick our ass. The lich itself was some sort of image, not really there, so he poofed away once the skeletons lurched into action. We made quick work of them and moved on. The lich didn’t appear again.

We came to a door that was protected by some sort of super-powerful electricity spell, and I opened it by putting the electric rune up to its surface. The rest of the party told me I started talking and walking really fast for a few minutes after I did this, so it seems like the electric rune makes people faster, like the water rune heals people. Nifty.

We then came across another door, heard movement nearby, so we opened the door quickly and Billy cast some sort of “kill everything” spell into the room. We realized quickly that there was actually nothing hostile in the room, and we’d actually just smashed Aris’s old bedroom. Oops. Rakust mended the bed back together so at least we’d have something to sleep on. He made like he was doing it just sos we’d have a place to sleep, but I think deep down inside that burnt shell he felt bad for Aris and wanted to try to make her feel better.

There was a box in the room with a ring in it that was magic, according to Billy. Aris picked it up and didn’t realize until she’d put it on that she didn’t actually recognize the ring. It turned out it was cursed, and made her really easy to hit in combat. Rakust was able to get it off of her before we ran into anything really bad. I forget what we did with the ring. Hopefully whoever’s carrying it will remember its cursed before they try to put it back on again.

We came upon a dining room that had a group of dead bodies – just skeletons left – posed like they were eating dinner. Rakust or Billy (or maybe both of them) were able to tell that these people had been flash-frozen to death while they were eating.

The movement we heard before we trashed Aris’s room was heard again, and we realized it was coming from the kitchen. We tied a rope to the door so we could open it from afar, and both Rakust and Billy torched the room with flame spells. Two giant spiders came running out, on fire, and we quickly smooshed them.

We found a secret passage in the fireplace of the dining room. It smelled like burnt bodies (an odor Rakust found pleasing, yuck), so we decided to leave it alone for now and explore the rest of the castle. We came upon a sleeping ettin, and I slashed its throat (apparently you only need to cut one throat to kill it). The room it was in only had part of a wall – the rest went off into a huge cavern.

We also found what used to be a sorcerer’s den. Billy was drooling over all of the books, and picked up a robe and a wand that had been floating over a dais.

The room after that had umber hulks. We did a good job smashing them, but Billy seemed to be having trouble. He went to cast some sort of spell, and instead just peed on the floor. (Well, he said he didn’t pee, he apparently casted Create Water, but who’s really keeping track?) The spell he tried to cast after that, though, completely decimated both the umber hulks AND the hallway. Every other room on that hall had been smashed to rubble – we couldn’t make it any further down that hall. It was leagues beyond what Billy could normally do.

There was one more door that we could reach, but it was protected by some sort of serious magic. I couldn’t see a way to disarm it. Thinking it might be another door that was opened by an orb, I tried first the electricity orb, then the water orb. The door shot both orbs across the room and drained them. It also seemed to disenchant my cloak. The thing was just an ordinary brown now, and I was perfectly visible while wearing it. Billy told me it didn’t radiate magic anymore. Crap.

Having seen everything on that floor that we were going to see, we went back to the secret passage in the fireplace. It took us far down under the earth into a massive and warm pit with a pile of bones at the center. There were necromancers down there, trying to cast some sort of spell. From a walkway ringing the pit, Billy tried to cast a spell at them to disrupt their casting, but ended up accidentally transporting Aris down to the center. It seemed since we visited the sorcerer’s den nothing he cast went right.

We made our way down to Aris and fought the necromancers. Billy accidentally turned one of them invisible. We didn’t manage to disrupt them enough to finish their spell, and something huge started animating from the bone pile. Luckily, one of Billy’s random spells smashed the bone golem dead in its tracks before it had a chance to even do anything. One of the necromancers peed himself seeing what Billy could do, then fainted when Rakust took off his mask and went “boo!” At that point, the rest of the necromancers were dead except the invisible one, which had apparently gone. We couldn’t sense him anywhere.

The remaining living necromancer refused to tell us anything except that he was scared of what was down the tunnel. We picked him up and took him down the tunnel anyway. It was very long, and took several hours for us to get to the end of it. It was also trapped in places. We got through the traps okay, but the necromancer managed to suicide himself on one of them when he realized we weren’t letting him go.

As we got closer to the end of the tunnel it got warmer, and we started hearing laughing. We realized it sounded just like Gragose (that traitorous bastard). Rakust’s bag of holding started acting funny. It rose into the air as if something inside were metal and there was a strong lodestone nearby. We realized it was Gragose’s hugely evil sword. We brought it back up the hallway to a point where it wasn’t pulling anymore, then Rakust stone-shaped a hole in the wall, tossed the sword in (it was even bigger than the first time we saw it) and closed up the hole.

We went back without the sword, and saw that Gragose was standing in the middle of a volcano on a network of ledges that were up above lava. He had taken the form of some pansy-assed 16-foot tall elf, and had two huge morning stars. We quickly got into a battle. Billy’s random spells managed to double Gragose in size. We had decided on a strategic retreat (oh, who am I kidding, we were running like frightened rabbits) when Billy cast one more spell back at Gragose, which turned out to be a spear of ice that went all the way through his shoulder. He looked hurt, but he looked like he was regenerating quickly. We realized if we were going to kill him that this was our only chance, so we charged back. Aris made a desparate throw with her lance, which managed to hit right where Billy’s ice spear had hit, and Gragose disintegrated.

We threw his huge evil maces into the lava, and realized there was something in there. Aris identified it as a lava dragon, very evil and chaotic. We decided not to spend any more time there and left. On our way out, we saw that somebody had blasted a hole in the wall where we had buried Gragose’s sword, and the sword was gone.

We came back to the bone pit and found a secret passage in the wall, where the formerly invisible necromancer was casting a spell on Gragose’s sword, trying to summon him back. We killed the necromancer, and Rakust managed to get the Bag of Devouring over the sword before the spell could be finished. Apparently the bag was so disruptive that it tore a hole in reality. We ran from the room before the explosion happened, and when we came back we saw there was a huge hole of nothingness, across from which we could see a little room, far in the distance. It was so far that it was difficult to see.

We headed back up towards the surface, but things were odd. There were no bones in the bone pit, no bodies or undead or people anywhere. Even we looked funny. Billy was green, for example. We made it all the way back up to the surface where everything was similarly deserted. I decided to break into the mayor’s house and steal some gold, but his gold was all coal. So was all of our gold, for that matter. It had turned to coal. I grabbed a bag of the coal (just coins, nothing identifiable) and brought it to the house of some poor people and put it under their pillow. Maybe they won’t have to worry about finding food to eat for a while.

We went back down into the undercity, down into the fireplace pit, and to the room where the explosion happened. We spent a little more time looking across the abyss, and saw that there were actually people in that other tiny room. Upon closer inspection, they looked like us. We leaped across the gap, sailing across like birds, passing our “reflections”, and everything was right on the other side. Gold was gold, there were bones in the pit, and there were people up on the surface when we got there.

Turns out when we moved things on the surface in bizzaro world they also moved in the real world, so the mayor’s wife saw her gold come floating out of the cabinet and away into the city. We heard them crying about being robbed, and also heard rumors about some peasant family finding a ton of gold in their house. I hope they’re smart enough to keep their mouths shut about it so nobody puts two and two together and accuses them of theft.

Scraps' log: Wizards, dragoons, and liches, oh my!

So, there we were, having just defeated a small army of dopplegangers. We realized that the Rakust doppleganger had managed to run away during the fight, since he was nowhere to be seen when the dust settled. We spent some time discussing what to do, with the remaining population of dopplegangers (what we could only assume were the women and children) giving us strange looks, kinda the same look we gave Rakust when we woke up that morning and he was… different. We toyed with the idea of muscling into their town, demanding to be given a house, and sleeping the night away there, but then we imagined a torch-and-pitchfork mob descending on us in the night when they realized we’d slaughtered all of their menfolk, and we thought better of it.

We headed back into the woods some distance to camp, but we couldn’t get our bearings again. Not even Alex could tell us which way it was to the road. We weren’t very concerned, so we just hunkered down for the night and resumed our trek the next morning.

The next day we headed south, towards Bonro and eventually Pell, where we’d heard there was a cure for lycanthropy, both for me and for the townsfolk of the village where we fought the Nerullites. We met some strange weather. The others had to point it out to me, but the wind was coming in gusts as regular as a pendulum. Once we noticed the pattern, we could predict when the next gust was going to be each time.

It was raining cats and dogs, and while we were trying to figure out what might be causing the weird weather, Billy summoned one of his invisible disk thingies to hold over his head and keep him dry, and the weather just stopped. I’m not talking about the sun coming out to dry up all the rain or such nonsense, I mean everything just stopped. In mid air. Water droplets were just hanging there in front of our faces.

Rakust got a little unnerved at this (though I’m sure he wouldn’t admit it), so he decided to set something on fire with his prayers. That was when the ground around us just lifted straight up in the air and started flying us south.

The disk of earth brought us to a huge tower, ringed by eight smaller towers, which Billy identified as the Towers of Eight, home to the Circle of Eight, who were eight goddamn powerful wizards. I don’t remember their names. I think one of them was Tanser, or something like that. I was too astonished to pay attention, really. Billy acted like he was being taken to see the gods themselves.

They were pretty perceptive, and realized we were seeking the runes. They said they wanted to help us, and gave each of us a ring. Each ring did something different. Mine let me see in the dark, which is pretty damn helpful when you’re trying to be sneaky. They also decided to cure my lycanthropy, for which I’m a million times grateful. Really makes me wish I’d remembered their names. Well, I’m sure Billy would know. Anyway, they offered to cure Alex, but he didn’t want to be cured. His wasn’t as bad as mine – he wasn’t going to turn into a mindless beast that would slaughter everything. He just got big and hairy, but stayed a nice guy.

They also said something about us helping out by dealing with some giants… sorry, I was so distracted with everything going on that I forgot to write down the details about that. I hope somebody else remembers. Last thing we want is eight super powerful wizards mad at us for not doing a simple quest they asked in return for their help. Well, we’ll deal with that later.

They transported us to Bonro, which was really great because my feet were killing me. As soon as we got there, Aeris realized she’d been here before. This was apparently once where the dragoons lived, before something slaughtered them all. Apparently she’d just barely escaped as a child. The townsfolk recognized her as a dragoon and put up a big fuss about one of the dragoons returning.

She took us to a mausoleum of sorts where they’d memorialized her family and the rest of the dragoons. The doors were made of solid gold! All of the stuff inside was fakes, however. Apparently they told us that the old city had been entombed, and there were tons of undead down there, so nobody wanted to go down and get the real bits of armor, jewelry, and whatnot.

They showed us the doors to the undercity, and we bickered a little bit over whether we wanted to go down there or not. I was leaning towards “not”. (I hate undead. Hate.) Then somebody mentioned that there could be a run down there. We pulled out the map, and sure enough, it looked like there was a rune here in Bonro, and down in the old city seemed like the most likely place to find it. Crap.

When we realized there was a rune down there Billy was just about to dispel the locks on the doors when Rakust pulled him aside and said we should probably take a day to prepare before we go down into undead-city. So we rested a night in Bonro and prepared ourselves.

The next day we came back, Billy unlocked the doors, and we went down. The first thing we saw was the city gates, flanked by some large armored statues. They didn’t look right to me, and knowing there was tons of magic and undead down here I didn’t trust them, so I snuck into range and bounced a sling bullet off of one of their heads. Sure enough, they stepped away from the gates and headed towards us, slowly.

At first it looked like these guys were out of our league. My sling bullets were just putting little pockmarks in their sides, if anything, and not seeming to phase them at all. Then Billy pulled out this spell that made them all cracked, and Rakust used his shape stone prayer to turn one of them into a gigantic stone sphere, which rolled downhill away from us and crashed the gates open. We took down the last one quick enough, after it had been weakened by the magic.

I sneaked ahead and saw that the city was crawling with ghosts. Rakust had another handy prayer prepared that made us invisible to undead as long as we didn’t attack anything, so he cast that and we headed into the city.

We walked for a little while, heading towards the city barracks and the castle, when we came upon a bunch of holes in the ground. We realized quickly that these were carrion crawler holes, and we knew that they had the ability to feel when somebody was walking nearby, so we changed course and headed to an aqueduct we saw that was running towards the castle. On our way we passed by an old inn where we heard voices. I peeked in a window and realized they were trolls. We knew that if we fought anything we’d become visible to the ghosts and who-knows-what-else was in this city, so we opted for the better part of valor and ran away.

On our way to the aqueduct we passed close by the barracks. Billy lifted us up to the roof with his flying disk, and we crawled inside using a trapdoor. Some sort of something was forming in there – something skeletal with red glowing eyes. It seemed to know we were there (we couldn’t help but step on the tons of bone littering the floor), though it couldn’t see us. Once again, we decided it was smartest not to stick around, so we left.

We got to the aqueduct without any further incident, headed up using Billy’s disk, and walked to the castle. Once there, we got from the aqueduct to castle using Billy’s disk again, and made our way down. We came upon a dining room with ohmygods so much nice silverware. There were gold chalices with gems, silver plates, I couldn’t keep my hands off of it, and neither could Billy, apparently, though Aeris insisted that this was all hers since this was the dragoon castle she was the last surviving dragoon. We told he that we were just helping her carry it.

Billy found a room with some pillars with gold-inlaid dragoon crests. He tried to pry the crests out of the pillars when a mechanism in the wall started moving. We could hear it, but not see it. We realized there was some sort of secret door there, and we eventually got it open by having everybody stand by one of the crests and pushing them in a certain order.

Oh, gods, there was so much treasure! Gold, gems, treasure chests, you name it. Billy identified some of the magic items, and some of the chests also radiated magic. I tried to open the first chest, but it bit me. We realized pretty quickly that it was a mimic and killed it. The second chest had some scrolls in it, mostly boring history stuff, but Rakust and Billy got excited at some of them. I think they had spells written on them or something. Another chest had some gold and a big book that Billy nearly fell off of his disk to get at. The last chest had a pretty complex magical trap on it and the word “lightning” in Elven. When I got that open, we found that it was the rune.

This one looked like a ball of lightning. Unlike the friendly water rune, nobody really wanted to pick this one up. As we were pondering how to carry it, a voice called out of the darkness. Aeris realized it could be a lich. I hurriedly scooped up the lightning rune with my bag of holding, and we got ready for the worst.

Scraps' Log: Werewolf? Therewolf!

So, we had five werewolves in one cell and twenty-ish were-others in neighboring cells. Those five werewolves got violent, fast. They started tearing apart the cell they were in. One of them actually tore a hole in the wall and grabbed a weretiger around the throat. We were stunned for a moment, then Rakust said some prayer to Joramy and the werewolf cell erupted in flames.

The werewolves didn’t seem phased by the wall of fire. They leaped through, flames licking their fur, and went after both us and the other lycanthropes. One of them must have been able to smell me. It reached right out and bit my arm through the invisibility cloak.

We took them all down, and I turned around to see a werebear apparently mauling Rakust. I smacked him upside the head with a sling bullet and got ready for him to charge me, but instead he just rubbed his skull, got off the dwarf, and actually helped him to his feet. The others told me that he’d been fighting the werewolves with us. But can you blame me for thinking he’s a bad guy when I turn around and he’s laying on top of my dwarf? (Sorry again for that, Alex, I really am!)

When things calmed down, the werebear, Alex, explained to us that the others had only been recently infected with lycanthropy, so they were very disoriented, but not violent. He had been a werebear for a while, so he was used to controlling the change. Apparently he’d been hired to protect this village a while ago. Now that they were all infected he was planning on heading onto Pell, where he’d heard they might have a cure for lycanthropy. Apparently, even if these people’s other forms weren’t violent and evil, it was still a very painful change to happen every month, and he wanted to help them out of it, if he could.

As he was explaining all of this, I looked down at my arm wound and noticed it looked really bad. I told the rest of the party that they should probably lock me up that night. Alex agreed. He knew some tricks to help stop the disease from taking me. We found some wolfsbane and made a tea out of it, and we tied a silver coin onto a makeshift necklace to hang around my neck, then I sat down in one of the cells that was still in one piece, and waited.

I do not actually remember that whole night. They told me I was shrieking as if I was being flayed alive. I remember a haze of red, and it felt like something was trying to burst from my chest. I fought it as hard as I could, and apparently it worked because I never actually changed. I’m glad I managed to keep control, because if I did turn into a werewolf I feel like Rakust, at least, would have no compunctions about putting a lance through my skull.

Alex told me that I had one more night of that hell to look forward to, and then I’d have to deal with it three more days a month until we found a cure. So we all agreed to go with him to Pell as soon as we could.

The cells down in the temple were the most convenient place to keep me while I changed, so we needed to stay one more day. While we were there, a recruiter for Nerul came to our camp, bringing a few new recruits. We killed them all except the recruiter, who we questioned. He didn’t have a lot of information to give us, just that this had been a Nerul training ground, and he was bringing back trainees. We set up a few traps around the temple so that if any more came back when we were gone they’d be in trouble. We made sure to tell the villagers where these traps were so they wouldn’t set them off.

We also took the opportunity to explore more of the temple. There was a secret room with a sarcophagus of some hugely powerful vampire that we decided to leave alone. There was also an old mine where Billy managed to sniff out some gold still in the walls. We didn’t have the right equipment or the time to actually dig it out, so we just took note of the place and thought we might come back later.

I spent another night in the cells, trying my hardest not to change. I don’t want to think about those nights. Apparently with all my thrashing and physical changes I tore my invisibility cloak. It’s still good for disorienting attackers, but I’m no longer completely invisible when I use it. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

The villagers all wanted to stay in the little town they were rebuilding from the rubble of the Nerulite temple. We thought at first that they’d be coming with us, but Alex said he was going to bring the cure back to them instead of bringing them to the cure.

So, we picked up our gear, made sure we had a nice stash of wolfsbane, and set out on the road to Bonro, and then onto Pell.

Our first night out, I was on watch and felt something trying to tug at my brain. I couldn’t see anything, but we heard some movement in the woods. When we looked in the morning, we only found our own tracks. Or at least, the tracks of Aris, Rakust, and Alex. Billy’s and my tracks weren’t there, except for where we knew we walked.

The next night went uneventfully, but when we woke up in the morning, Rakust was acting weird. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but he just wasn’t himself. I mean, he was acting exactly like Rakust, burning things and cursing all of us, but something was off. It felt like I was watching a play where someone was on stage playing Rakust. We got Alex to search the campsite, and he found evidence that something heavy had been dragged away.

We tied up “Rakust” and followed the drag marks to what looked like an ordinary village with lots of humans working outside. There was a cave, and from what we could see, the drag marks lead into the cave.

I tried to sneak up on them to get more info, but managed to step on a rake and made a huge ruckus. When they started looking for me I decided not to fight it, stepped out of the long grass, and told them we were looking for our friend.

The rest of the party came up behind me and started questioning the farmers. They got very defensive and refused to let us look in the cave. Sira started huffing and puffing, trying to intimidate the villagers, and I used that as a distraction to sneak away into the grass. They saw me go, but not where I went.

I managed to find my way into the cave. There was a whole village in there, full of tons of different kinds of people. Outside there had been only humans, but in here there were dwarves, elves, half elves, and humans, all taking and working together like nothing was odd. I snuck around, looking for any sign of Rakust, and found a couple talking about torturing a dwarf with water. I knew they had to be talking about Rakust, so I followed one of them to where they were keeping him.

While I followed this person, I started wondering why I was doing this. Why on earth was I going through so much trouble for the person who threatened to burn me to death on a regular basis? He wanted to bury me alive while I was changing into a werewolf as a way to keep me from hurting him and the rest of the party. Well, he comes in handy. I have to admit, I started thinking of him as my dwarf. He’s like an ugly, mean guard dog. An ugly, mean guard dog that can breathe fire. He may not be nice to look at, and he’ll bite your hand when you feed him if you get too close, but he’s damn good at his job.

When I got to the place where they were keeping Rakust, the person questioning him actually turned into Rakust while I watched. The questions he was asking made it sound like these people had been hired to kill us and take our place. When the guard left, I managed to kill the questioner, let Rakust go free, and convinced him to walk out nonchalantly. I figured that if these things could look like Rakust that they might not actually think it was strange if somebody looking like Rakust was walking out of the cave.

We made our way back up to the surface, following a group of these things that changed into humans as we watched. We managed to get up there just as things got violent. There were a lot of them, but they were pinned between me and Rakust on one side and Aris, Billy, and Alex on the other, and we made quick work of them.

Now, the question is, what do we do with two Rakusts?

Scraps' log: Nullifying Nerull

Back to the action. We engaged the death knight, exchanged a few blows, then Rakust started spouting some religious nonsense that apparently freaked the thing out, and it ran away from us as fast as it could. We found out later that it had ran topside and started to harass Aris’s dragon, who couldn’t fit down the tunnels with us. The dragon fought with it a bit, then flew up to the top of one of the burnt walls and taunted it.

We found a parade of guards, taking a single prisoner somewhere, presumably to be sacrificed gruesomely to Nerull. We surprised them, chased them into a room, and killed them all but one who got away to warn somebody. Unfortunately, Alatar fell in the battle. I never really liked the guy, but I didn’t want him to die. I ain’t that kind of person.

Afterwards, Billy went about looting the corpses, and I think he literally scared the shit out of that poor woman they were taking to be sacrificed. Sometimes a cheery smiling goblin is scarier than a goblin snarling and waving a weapon at you. You know what the second goblin is up to. We told her to stay put, but I don’t think she was going anywhere. She looked like she wanted to curl into a ball and disappear.

We tracked down the one that got away and found a summoner protected by a few more death knights. I managed to whap him upside the head with sling bullets enough times to keep him from summoning that whateveritwas. Have I mentioned how much I hate death knights? Or any undead? A living summoner I know where to hit. Back of the head, the eyes, the groin… Undead don’t have squishy bits like that. You can bash a death knight in the groin as many times as you want and it won’t even blink. Your best bet with a death knight is to knock it’s head off its body, and even then it’s not a guarantee. You basically have to grind it to a pulp, and I ain’t good at grinding things. I’m more of a delicate fighter than that. Aris and Rakust are better at the pulp thing.

Once everything was dead we freed the prisoners, but realized there was something odd about them. They all had lycanthropy of some sort. Yeah, werewolves. Well, not necessarily werewolves, I’m told. There are all sorts of diseases that make you turn into a type of animal, like werebears, weredogs, werepumas, and not all of them are evil. Rakust didn’t detect any evil on any of them, but who knows if they detect as evil when they’re still in people-form.

They didn’t remember a thing about who they were or where they belonged, or so they told us. They weren’t happy about it, but we convinced them to let us hang around for another few days until the full moon, at which point we’d put them back into the cages and see what they changed into.

We took the time to start rebuilding part of the town we were in. These guys were unusually good at building things, very organized. We got a lot more done than we were expecting.

At the fateful night, we brought everyone back down to the cells and locked them up. There were five people that didn’t look as bad as the others, so we isolated those five so that if they didn’t change they wouldn’t be in danger of being eaten by the rest. However, the opposite seemed to happen. Those five turned into werewolves, and the rest changed into some sort of more benign lycanthrope.

Oh, by the nose hairs of Moradin, gotta go again. Billy apparently found more snakes. If one of them bites Rakust I think he’s going to change Billy’s color from blue to golden brown. Why do I feel like the only adult here sometimes?

Scraps' log: Goodbye Earth Cave, hello Nerul

Let’s see, where did I leave off. Oh, yeah, we killed nasty spiders, the big bad spider let us pass because it liked the way Alatar smelled (or something like that), and we ran into some drow. We tried to get Alatar to talk to them, but he didn’t seem to be proud of his drowish heritage and didn’t even know the language. That’s both good and bad. Good, because he’s probably not some drow bastard who’ll betray us at the first sign of weakness, bad because they drow we met didn’t seem to like him and captured us.

We went without a fight because we’re not stupid (well, not all of us) and they had a whole squadron of soldiers. They brought us to some cells to stay for the night. I heard Billy trying to get Rakust to play cards with him. Somewhere Billy got these cards with naked goblins on them, but they all have Billy’s head. It’s the type of thing you cannot un-see no matter how hard you try. I still have nightmares about them sometimes. He doesn’t seem to realize they have the potential to cause mental illness and keeps trying to get us to play games with them.

After they gave us some time to stew, they took us up to meet their priestess, Alexia. She gave us the opportunity to die or fight for our freedom, so of course we chose fighting. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have more experience fighting than dying, so I’m probably better at fighting. Of course, I could be a natural at dying. I could be the best dead halfling you’ve ever seen. Not quite ready to try it yet, though.

So they gave us different armor and weapons and stuck us in line for what I’m assuming is an arena. We never actually got to see the thing. We waited for a while, moving towards these doors, and we realized that the people of Rakust were in the line with us. The drow bastards must have somehow got past us while we were in the Earth Cave and sacked the town. We traded a few insults (they were still unhappy with us for refusing to commit suicide by sea monster) along the way and tried to figure out how we were going to get out of this when apparently one of the monsters they put into the arena got out and started wreaking havoc.

We quickly realized that it was a massive shadow dragon. It killed masses of drow and prisoners in front of us. We took advantage of the distraction to grab our gear and get the heck out of there, dragon at our heels. It wasn’t until we were back at the spider cave that Aris and Rakust mentioned that they saw what might be the rune back in the priestess’s throne room. Ohh, I could’ve throttled both of them for not mentioning it sooner.

So we had to trek back down to the drow cavern. It was quiet as a graveyard (well, the consecrated kind). Seems the dragon had eaten or killed every last drow, and was taking a nap, curled around the tower stairs that went up to the throne room. Aris knew a lot about dragons and said that a sleeping shadow dragon is very hard to wake up, but I didn’t want to take any chances, so I took my time, heading slowly and carefully up the tower in the dark.

It took me a while to figure out how to get the rune out of the back of the throne, but eventually it popped out. From the look it seemed to be water-based, and as I touched it, it healed the scratches in my hands and arms. I tucked it away in my pack and started to head back when I noticed that the body of the priestess was in the room. I started to loot the corpse when I realized it wasn’t a corpse. I was tense from knowing there was a dragon down below that had slaughtered an entire drow city, and the fact that she was still alive freaked me out, so I just booked it out of there and back to the party, not bothering to finish the looting job or slit her throat.

When I got back, we passed the rune around. We were pretty sure it was indeed a rune because after I picked it up the light on the map for the Earth Cave winked out. Rakust seemed to be freaked out by it because he didn’t put up any sort of fight when I put it back in my own bag. Up until now he’s been insisting on carrying anything important. Gods forbid he let the thief carry anything. I might use it to stab him in the back or sell it when he’s not looking. Sheesh.

We took another route, walked a little while, and got attacked by some nasty carrion crawlers. We killed them all, but Alatar took some nasty wounds during the fight. I got an idea and asked him to hold the water rune for a moment. He actually looked reluctant to take it. Eventually he did, and it healed him up just like I thought, but he was almost as reluctant to give it back to me. Wonder what he’s up to.

After the fight we finally found the earth cave exit. Man was it nice to see fresh air again and smell the ocean. Except there were still sea monsters out there that we could see, and before we left the cave we could still hear the shadow dragon roaring back down in the earth. Neither one really made me feel good.

We found what obviously used to be a road, but it hadn’t been kept up for a long time. We assumed it went to Bonro and started following it. After a day of walking we set up camp right on the road (didn’t see much of a need to hide). As night fell, a really cold fog rolled in. It was definitely not natural. Rakust was having fun making a larger fire (one thing I have to say about him – he makes a very good lighter) when shapes started coming out of the fog. A horde of skeletons set upon us. They had some sort of circle with a V insignia on their armor. We made quick work of them, extended our fire into a ring around the camp, and tried to get some sleep.

In the morning, we decided to investigate the village ruins we saw from the road, thinking it might have something to do with the undead that attacked us last night. We didn’t see anything moving, and nothing looked really unusual except for more of those circle-V symbols, until we came to the church. It had obviously been a church of Pelor at one time, but had burned down and been defaced with signs of Nerul. I was in favor of just leaving the place alone, but Rakust insisted on seeing what was going on.

We heard chanting when we came in. The party convinced me to sneak down to the basement, where I heard someone talking about a “final sacrifice” and summoning an avatar of Nerul, which was going to destroy the world. Normally I stay out of the gods’ way and they stay out of mine, but I’m kinda fond of this world. I warned the rest of the party, and headed back down to see if I could find some part of the ritual to disturb, like a candle to knock over or something. Rakust started casting spells behind me, and I turned a corner to come nearly face-to-groin with a death knight. After that we—

Oh, crap, got to go. Sounds like Billy picked up a poisonous snake or did something else stupid. Rakust is yelling something about stupid goblins. Will write more later.

Scraps' log: Entering the Earth Cave
The party enters the Earth Cave, makes their way over a 150 ft-wide cliff, and fights some spiders.

Damnit, I knew I was forgetting something. They gave me this book and told me to write down everything I saw as we traveled. Why the hell I’m the record keeper, I don’t know. I guess it’s because the dwarf’s too stupid to write and the goblin would waste pages writing about the plants he collected and body parts he scraped out of our dead enemies. (Ew.) So I guess it’s up to me.

It all started a few weeks ago when I got nabbed for taking some jewels from Lady Rhianna’s tower. Got some bad intel that said she’d be traveling to Rablesk for a few months. Turns out she was, but the intel didn’t specify that she was going alone. She left her consort to mind the tower. I stepped right on the bloke’s face as I was coming in the window. If I ever get back to Lemele I’m going to rip that bastard Rattail a new one for not mentioning Rhianna had left her plaything behind.

Anyway, they threw me in the castle dungeons again. I was gonna bribe Bartholomew to get me out like last time, but apparently he got canned for accepting bribes. Bastard wasn’t smart enough to keep a secret. I was just starting to get the new guy to come around when a pair of royal guards came in, grabbed me, and hauled me in front of the king himself. They tossed me at a dwarf, a goblin, and an orc and told me I was supposed to go with them and find some sort of runes that were supposed to save the world, or some shit like that. Whatever. It got me out of the dungeons.

So we start heading south from Lemele, pretty much wandering aimlessly, waiting for that magic map the king gave us to give some clue as to where the runes were.

The dwarf, Rakust, looked like somebody threw his face into a meat grinder, cooked it for a bit, then took the pieces and molded them back into place. Luckily he wears this helmet with a mask all the time so I don’t have to look at the thing. He’s gotta be one of the most bigoted, self centered blokes I’ve ever met. The guy doesn’t like anything unless it’s burnt to a crisp, and I’m not just talking about food. He’s a priest of the goddess Joramy, and sometimes he talks like he wants to set the whole damn world on fire. Scary shit.

The goblin, Billy, is blue, and I don’t mean sad. He’s blue. Like he fell into a jar of paint. He’s wicked smart, in his books all the time, chopping up plant and animal bits to make potions and magic stuff, but oblivious as hell. He doesn’t seem to realize he’s a frickin’ goblin. People stare at him, mothers grab up their kids and take them indoors when he walks by, and he’s just whistling and looking at the pretty flowers. If you told him his picture was next to “gullible” in the dictionary he’d believe you. I think he actually thinks the dwarf likes him. I mean, this guy told a village that we were going to single-handedly kill some mountain-tall sea lizards. (I’m getting ahead of myself, though, that didn’t happen until Rablesk.) He’s a good kid, just needs to wake up and smell the campfire before it sets his robes ablaze. Or maybe that’s not the campfire, maybe that’s just Rakust.

Gragos, the orc, big as a horse, apparently had his tongue cut out and turned out to be some sort of runelord trying to stop our mission. F-ing bastard transformed into a demon and tried to eat our souls. I’m jumping ahead again, but the f-ing king told him to come with us, and he was an f-ing runelord! We hurt him pretty bad and he disappeared into a big hole in the ground, leaving us with his super-evil six-foot-long sword and a desire to decapitate all mute orcs we see from that point on. Well, maybe that was just me. Anyway, yeah, he stayed with us for a little bit and was good at cutting enemies in half with his sword until he turned on us. Bastard.

We went to Rablesk, where they told us some orc bandits had kidnapped all of their kids and took them to the ruins of Aran. We found the place, killed everything there, including this massive red dragon. Hehe, that was a good story. See, we apparently burned a bunch of her eggs and got her pretty pissed at us. Billy managed to turn himself into a dragon hatchling and got the mama to come through the door after him, at which point I shot a sling bullet at a portcullis trap I’d found earlier, basically cutting her neck in two. It was awesome!

We also found this elf and a little friendly dragon, who decided to come with us and help our quest. The elf’s name is Aris, and the dragon is Sira. They’re pretty decent in a fight, but they don’t talk much (not sure if the dragon can talk at all, actually). Billy managed to convince Aris to actually let him ride the dragon. I’m jealous as hell. Should’a tried to save one of the red dragon eggs to hatch it as my own. Yeah, right, like that would go well.

So, long story short, we rescue the kids and kill most of the bad guys in Aran. We were heroes in Rablesk for all of a day, then Billy starts waggling his tongue and makes them think we’re going to kill the sea monsters in the bay, and when Rakust and I tell them all, “absolutely not,” they get all pissy at us. We left shortly after that. Good riddance.

Oh, I nearly forgot, somewhere between Rablesk and Aran we picked up another elf. I think he called himself “Lord Alatar” and acted like he owned the fricken’ forest. He wasn’t just acting like an ass, he actually said, “this is my forest.” Wanted us to pay him some sort of tax if we didn’t tell him what we were up to. He managed to figure out that we were after runes, asked why the king didn’t send for him, and insisted on going with us. Whatever.

Back to the quest, before the people of Rablesk decided they didn’t like us anymore, the mayor gave us the key to the Earth Cave, which is apparently the only way to get to the rest of the continent, other than taking a ship down a sea monster’s gullet. Apparently some scary shit is down there, but we realized as we got closer that the map was telling us that there was a rune in the Earth Cave. So, no going around the thing, even if we did managed to become gods and kill all the monsters in the sea.

On our way to the Earth Cave, I decided to try to impress the dwarf with a little trick one of the kids back in Grinder’s posse showed me. You get some sorta hard drink, something that’ll make a dwarf pass out, get a mouthful, and blow it into a torch. The whole thing will flame up like a dragon’s breath. (Appropriately enough, the drink I found for this trick was called “Dragon’s Breath”.) Dunno why I even tried. The dwarven bastard wasn’t impressed, and I ended up swallowing some of the stuff and getting a little tipsy. That was some powerful shit.

When we got to the Earth Cave, some trolls were hanging around in the swamp outside. I decided to get fancy and began doing my fire-breathing trick in their faces. I set a couple on fire before some of the drink slipped down my throat. I started getting dizzy, but tried to power through it. I took another mouthful to spit it at a troll and ended up forgetting to spit. I swallowed the stuff and blacked out. I woke up to the elf stepping on my spleen. Apparently I had been wearing my invisibility cloak when I passed out and they almost didn’t find me. I had a hangover for two days. The rest of the Dragon’s Breath washed away in the swamp, so I won’t be trying that again any time soon.

We made our way down the cave and over this 150-ft wide bottomless pit that had some sort of puzzle trap built into it with platforms. (The dwarf insisted it wasn’t bottomless, but it was deep enough to kill me either from splatting the bottom or from starvation on the way down, so whatever.) There were three tunnels on the other side, and we took the middle one. The platform-puzzle could have taken us to the left tunnel if we had wanted, but I didn’t see a way to get to the right tunnel.

The middle tunnel was covered in spiderwebs, which Rakust burned as we went along. We came to a larger cavern with a bunch of spider eggs, which we started to burn when this giant talking spider came down and tried to kill us. Said its name was Hadronax, or Hydronaut, or something like that. We killed a handful of its babies, and it surrendered, then told us we had a drow in the party and we could’ve passed unharmed if we’d just pointed that out. Apparently Alatar is part dark elf. Another reason I don’t like him. He better not turn out to be another runelord or something.

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