Scraps' Log: What's the difference between a smart waiter and a dumbwaiter?

We were still on the first floor of the tower, having killed three storm giants. This floor of the tower was split into two huge rooms. One of them currently held three dead giants, and the other one had various humanoids with some sort of weird magical collars. They looked like they were servants. The collars weren’t physical – just thin lines of light. We decided not to mess with them in case the collars gave their masters the ability to see out of their eyes or something else like that.

The floors of the tower were connected by huge ramps circling the walls. We went up another floor and saw what looked like a dining room with a huge empty table. There was a prep table on one side of the room, just below what appeared to be a dumbwaiter. The dumbwaiter was so large that all six of us (including the dragon) could fit inside it easily and ride upstairs. We pondered over riding up in it, and even asked one of the fire giants to throw the lever to bring the dumbwaiter down to our floor, but then decided against it and went up another floor.

When we got up there we realized it had been a good idea to not ride the dumbwaiter. A giant was standing in what appeared to be a kitchen with a huge knife, ready to attack the dumbwaiter when it came back up. He hadn’t noticed us, so we hurried back downstairs, trapped the dumbwaiter, and put an illusion inside of it of Billy, taunting the giant. We asked one of the fire giants to wait downstairs and give us ten minutes (which is how long it took for us to get up these floors), then pull the lever. We hurried back upstairs in time to see the dumbwaiter arrive at the top, and Billy’s illusion started taunting the giant. The giant was not impressed, and didn’t look like he was going to attack, so I snuck into the room and shot a bullet into the trap to set it off. A fireball erupted in the giant’s face.

The giant had apparently been cooking with some sort of oil, because he caught on fire. I flung the elemental star dagger at it, and Alex followed up with an arrow shot to the same place, and the giant dropped dead before he even had a chance to realize we were behind him.

Unfortunately, two more giants came in at the commotion. One of them was wielding what looked like a tree, and the other one had some sort of purple glowing sword and bits of armor. The sword hit the stone wall at one point in the battle and sliced through the wall like it was butter. As the battle started, we realized that neither of our fire giant allies was around. One of them was probably still heading upstairs after he pulled the lever, but we had no idea where the other one went.

The battle didn’t look to be going well when all of a sudden the tree-wielding giant grew a sword blade out of the center of his chest, and we realized that one of the fire giants was back. As the fire giant pulled his blade out of the cloud giant’s back the other cloud giant swung his blade around and sliced clean through the fire giant’s neck. At first it didn’t look like anything had happened, then the fire giant’s head fell off of his shoulders, and he slumped over dead.

We killed the last cloud giant and took his strange super-sharp purple sword and his bits of armor. We also retrieved the magic cross-sword that we had given to the fire giant. Next to the kitchen was a pantry filled with huge containers of staples. We ducked in there to rest for the night. No one came to bother us.

In the morning Billy identified the cape part of the armor pieces as a cape of resistance, and Rakust put it on. It looked like all of these pieces came from a suit of plate armor, but it was not a complete set. We identified the metal of the armor as adamantine.

We went up a few more floors without finding a door. After about four floors this way we came upon a huge room that took up all four floors. The tower joined with the mountain behind it at this point, and there was actually a waterfall inside the room. There were seven giants and a ton of dwarves, working together to make armor. The dwarves were obviously unwilling servants. They had those light-line collars, and at one point a giant made a gesture and the collar decapitated a dwarf who had been lagging in his work.

Rakust looked like he was going to burst into the room and slaughter everything in it, but we held him back. He told us that these were his people – dwarves from his country who also worshiped Joramy. We told him that we’d find a way to free them, but nobody thought a direct attack on seven giants and tons of possibly-hostile dwarves would be a good idea. We hoped we’d find something further up that would let us dismiss the collars so the dwarves would be able to fight on our side.

The next floor up was all one room that was completely empty. Except it wasn’t. Billy squinted at it and told us that there was some sort of abomination chained to the far wall, hidden by an illusion. When Billy said it was an illusion everybody was able to see past it except me. Rakust said a prayer and told us it was completely evil. We were arguing what to do about it – I wanted to attack it from afar and kill it before anybody could release it and send it against us, others wanted to leave it alone – when everybody gasped and started casting spells and firing weapons into the room. They told me later that it had run to the end of its chains at us and begun attacking the chains, so our decision had been made for us.

Billy created a zone of burning heat in the room, and I started firing bullets somewhat blindly, aiming for wherever everyone else was, and suddenly I saw it! It was a huge beast shaped like a scorpion except instead of a stinger it had a horrible mouth on its tail. Its teeth and claws looked like they were made of diamonds. And there was a huge pile of platinum coins against the wall!

The beast shrieked something at Billy, and he passed out. We kept throwing bolts and arrows and bullets and spells at it from outside its reach, and was just about to break its bonds when Aris took her repeating crossbow and shot four bolts right into its thorax (or whatever… I don’t know bug body parts very well). It keeled over dead.

Billy confirmed that its teeth and claws were real diamonds, so we pulled those out and tucked them away. They were extremely sharp. We also collected the platinum. Twenty one hundred pieces! I’ve never seen so much platinum in my life!


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