Scraps' log: Nullifying Nerull

Back to the action. We engaged the death knight, exchanged a few blows, then Rakust started spouting some religious nonsense that apparently freaked the thing out, and it ran away from us as fast as it could. We found out later that it had ran topside and started to harass Aris’s dragon, who couldn’t fit down the tunnels with us. The dragon fought with it a bit, then flew up to the top of one of the burnt walls and taunted it.

We found a parade of guards, taking a single prisoner somewhere, presumably to be sacrificed gruesomely to Nerull. We surprised them, chased them into a room, and killed them all but one who got away to warn somebody. Unfortunately, Alatar fell in the battle. I never really liked the guy, but I didn’t want him to die. I ain’t that kind of person.

Afterwards, Billy went about looting the corpses, and I think he literally scared the shit out of that poor woman they were taking to be sacrificed. Sometimes a cheery smiling goblin is scarier than a goblin snarling and waving a weapon at you. You know what the second goblin is up to. We told her to stay put, but I don’t think she was going anywhere. She looked like she wanted to curl into a ball and disappear.

We tracked down the one that got away and found a summoner protected by a few more death knights. I managed to whap him upside the head with sling bullets enough times to keep him from summoning that whateveritwas. Have I mentioned how much I hate death knights? Or any undead? A living summoner I know where to hit. Back of the head, the eyes, the groin… Undead don’t have squishy bits like that. You can bash a death knight in the groin as many times as you want and it won’t even blink. Your best bet with a death knight is to knock it’s head off its body, and even then it’s not a guarantee. You basically have to grind it to a pulp, and I ain’t good at grinding things. I’m more of a delicate fighter than that. Aris and Rakust are better at the pulp thing.

Once everything was dead we freed the prisoners, but realized there was something odd about them. They all had lycanthropy of some sort. Yeah, werewolves. Well, not necessarily werewolves, I’m told. There are all sorts of diseases that make you turn into a type of animal, like werebears, weredogs, werepumas, and not all of them are evil. Rakust didn’t detect any evil on any of them, but who knows if they detect as evil when they’re still in people-form.

They didn’t remember a thing about who they were or where they belonged, or so they told us. They weren’t happy about it, but we convinced them to let us hang around for another few days until the full moon, at which point we’d put them back into the cages and see what they changed into.

We took the time to start rebuilding part of the town we were in. These guys were unusually good at building things, very organized. We got a lot more done than we were expecting.

At the fateful night, we brought everyone back down to the cells and locked them up. There were five people that didn’t look as bad as the others, so we isolated those five so that if they didn’t change they wouldn’t be in danger of being eaten by the rest. However, the opposite seemed to happen. Those five turned into werewolves, and the rest changed into some sort of more benign lycanthrope.

Oh, by the nose hairs of Moradin, gotta go again. Billy apparently found more snakes. If one of them bites Rakust I think he’s going to change Billy’s color from blue to golden brown. Why do I feel like the only adult here sometimes?


merkuri merkuri

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